Congratulate Felix Hernandez with a comment


You’re one of a kind Felix. I haven’t seen Safeco Field with this much energy since 2001. Thank you!

King Felix, Congratulations on your amazing performance. You have captivated M’s fans and captured the hearts of millions. We all appreciate your hard work, determination and love for the city of Seattle and your fans. I wish you nothing but success in the future and thank you for the memories that I will most definitely share with my children and their children. Go M’s!

First I cried for you, then I cried for me because I missed it.

Congratulations! Nobody doubted that it was coming! Thank you for being a major reason the Mariners logo is displayed proudly wherever the military sends me!

Felix, I’ve been a Mariners fan for nearly 30 years now, and you just reassured why I love this team so much. CONGRATULATIONS KING! You’re the leader of this team, and you just proved why.

Thank you for staying in Seattle, Felix. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to watch you throw a perfect game in a Mariners uniform. You made my year!

King Felix, I was on the Bremerton ferry to Seattle listening to Rick Rizz call your PERFECTO !!! i’VE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED . You can bet i’ll be in the supreme court sporting my King of Pefection shirt ! WE love you Felix . Thank you for being our king. Congratulations!

Congrats Felix! That was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I know that you have many more moments like this to share with your loyal fans.

There’s no crying in baseball, but we couldn’t help it. They were tears of joy for you, for your accomplishment, for you and Jaso working together so well, and for the team behind you! We’ve tried to be at the home games when you’re pitching and we still remember your debut, so young, yet still you’re so young. Congratulations! So when is the next perfecto? We know you can do it, no pressure, we’re confident if ever a pitcher could accomplish a second perfect game it would be you!

I’m a little late signing this but I am STILL just as happy like it just happened. I have never seen a curveball so deadly in my whole life. Our team will rally around your winning ways, and will get to the world series. GO MARINERS! We love ya man!

Words can’t even describe how I felt when I heard the news that you pitched the perfect game sadly I was working at a summer camp and unable to at least hear or see it live, but in watching the highlights from that game I cried and want to thank you for being our King. Congrats on being one of an elite club!!!!

Thank you for making my 9 year old grandson’s first Mariner game one that he will remember for life. A PERFECT GAME!!! A truly great game pitched by an even greater man. You have always been a class act and I hope one day soon you get a championship in Seattle!!
Heres to hoping you’ll be a Mariner for life!!!

Felix, thanks for the memories past, present & future

Congrats I knew you could do it and was hoping that you would. My son who has CP was so excited he squilled in excitement. It was really good to know you made him so happy. You are one of his favorites along with Iciro, Griffey, Martinez and Johnson.

Felix, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited for you! When you got Rodriguez and the radio announcers started going nuts, I started to cry! Actually cry. Enjoy your moment in the sun, my amigo, and know that you will forever be a big part of the grand history of this wonderful game!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felix –

Great pitching, super great game; you will now be remembered with Don Larson and Sandy Koufax. Now bad for a great Mariner early in his career with more great games to come.

What a performance Felix. Sure is nice to see such a perfect game. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

Great game, thanks for showing love for the M’s and their fans!

Felix , thank you for what you’ve given to this community. Many congrats on your amazing achievement. Maybe Little Felix will have a perfect game some day!

I always want to see a perfect game so i see what aces are pitching that day so i decided to see king felix pitch and i guessed right. All Hail The King!!! You rock man! go out there and pitch another brilliant performance.

Felix you are my hero. I hope you stay in Seattle for the duration of your career. Your a class act and hands down the best pitcher in the game. We love you and congrats on the perfecto!

Congrats!! You are the best and continued success!! Hopefully a Mariner for life!!!

Congratulations! You are indeed the KING! We love watching you pitch…thanks and much success always.

Thanks for being so cool and talented, Felix! You are a great Mariner leader! Congratulations on your PERFECT GAME!!

love the game u were brilliant and i know u gonna repeat this for us again soon because who u are so keep loving the game and do you.

Felix, Your performance was amazing brilliant. Thank you! Congrats, and please never leave Seattle!

That was BAD of you to make Guti (and me!) so nervous during a game. But now that it’s over, thanks for the AWESOME time!

You rock! Congrats on your PERFECT game!!

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